A simple test in Unity

Unity Test Note:this link may be offline a few times during the day. In this link you can find a test for my Character. (it will be asked to install a plug-in, You can trust, it’s from unity and it’s 100% safe =) ) The Run Cycle doesn’t really fit for this purpose, but I … Continue reading

Jane Walking

It is still a WIP, but it’s coming up good. After I screwed up the bones, I got it walking in a short time. The run cycle for John Doe It’s coming, also, the jumping, and crawling. Hope to post some good news real soon!

Lovely Lonely Tower – Still a WIP

What is soon to be one of the main sets in my AR Animation Project. The Lovely Lonely Tower, its place in the middle of one forest, It exists in theory and no one have ever seen it…or maybe it’s just one tower, where an old lady keeps the pigs, and goats, and the corn…who … Continue reading

JohnDoe WalkCycle

Here it is. A small update on the animation. The AR is coming in a good way, but for now I’ll be modelling the rest of the set and the other characters. Hope you like it! Cheers *update: Video with a loop for 5sec

John Doe meets Marker

Not much of a great update, But I can manage to have John Doe on-screen (Talking about the Augmented Version, of course). The frame rate it’s a little bit low (yet!) But I’m working on it. Also, I hope to post here till tomorrow The walk cycle of this lithe beast, and the renders with … Continue reading

John Doe – Check!

The "what?" face

Okay, this is it! I’m back from, actually nowhere, but here it is, the main Character! I’m calling it John Doe, I still don’t know if I’m going to keep this name or change it, but for me, it suits really great! the next move is to finish the animations. Expect some news soon!

a small update

Code fixed! and now I’m just getting everything up for tomorrow. I have my character up to work, with no problems. (just a small issue with the texture). This is a small preview of my character. So, tomorrow I’ll be showing this project for some teachers, let’s see what they have to say. I’m going … Continue reading